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Goa La France

Sarmiento 1662 / Centro, Capital Federal

Goa-La France is one of the busiest clubs for young people between 18 and 25 years, looking for fun and low prices on the bars. With an innovative approach, the classic and the Buenos Aires night, was imposed after the 2001 crisis.

Music : Commercial Dance, Latino, Reggaeton

Opens : Thu, Sat

Average age: 22 - 25

Maluco Beleza

Sarmiento 1728 / Centro, Capital Federal

Maluco Beleza is a major nightclub in the city of Buenos Aires, which is dedicated to the dissemination of Brazilian music and other aspects of their culture.

Music : Funny Music, Latino, Reggaeton

Opens : Wed, Wed, Sat, Sun

Average age: 22 - 25


Sarmiento 1752 / Centro, Capital Federal

Sudaca is located in the heart of Congress, an ideal place for organizing farewells, birthdays and corporate events. It stands out as a drink.

Music :

Opens : Wed

Average age: 22 - 25


Lavalle 345 / Centro, Capital Federal

Bahrein Club located in the downtown area of the city, in the historic building over a century bank headquarters "The Buenos Aires Building". 1800 square feet spread over three levels, large living rooms are equipped with sound system,

Music : Funny Music

Opens : Wed, Wed, Sat

Average age: 22 - 25

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